Capacity: 2 oz.

Flow Rate: .2L/min

Power Supply: 120V, 7amp

Foot Print: 23.75” H, 12” W, 12” D

Low Pressure Preparative Chromatography

Advanced Filtration for Color Remediation

Small Batch Extraction

How does it work?

The LB-1 works by condensing the intake supply of CO2 gas into a heavy dense cold liquid which fills the process vessel. With temperature control and back pressure regulation, material in the process vessel is pushed through media of your choosing and two in-line filters (various micron sizes available) achieve a wide range of capabilities in isolating and filtering specific components. The filtered material accumulates in the collection vessel as the CO2 passes back into a gas leaving the heavy botanical mass at the bottom to be collected. The amount of CO2 that can be condensed per second is a function of the pressure and temperature of the system. As the temperature of the system increases, the amount of energy needed to evaporate and condense carbon dioxide decreases.

Why Co2?

CO2 is emerging as a spotlight solvent in the extraction of essential oils, spanning multiple industrial fields from medicine to food, beverage, perfumery, and recreational applications. Liquid carbon dioxide is a good solvent for many lipophilic organic compounds like alkaloids and CO2 is not recognized as harmful or toxic and is generally recognized as safe (GRAS). With our liquid CO2 technology anyone can safely produce oils with little to no post processing needed.


This is ideal for use as a solvent for several reasons:

•     The density remains relatively high, up to the density of liquid, which is ideal for carrying essential oils

•     The viscosity remains relatively low, and cannot reach liquid levels of viscosity. This is ideal for moving oils through the medium

•     The high pressures necessary for reaching a supercritical state ensure that the oils are efficiently pressed out of the botanical sample


Commercial Machine

The Little Buddy CO2 Extractor is simple to use, runs hands free, and produces oil samples ideal for: Quality Testing, Research and Development, and Small Batch Production. 

Industrial Machine

The Big Buddy CO2 Extractor is the perfect system for botanical oil processors and natural product manufacturers for its size, simplicity, and safety. 

Processing capacity starts at 1lb and is scalable by simply increasing the column and interconnecting systems. 

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