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Why CO2?

Liquid CO2 extraction & filtration is a safe method that uses carbon dioxide to extract desirable compounds, flavors, aromas from nearly any biomaterial. The process removes harmful pesticides and provides an end product that is pure, good color, clarity, and retains more terpenes and bi-noids present in the concentrate than other extraction methods. CO2 Extraction is actually a standard extraction method for lots of herbal supplements and food industries. Decaffeinated coffee is a great example of CO2 extraction as it relies on carbon dioxide extraction equipment to remove caffeine from the coffee beans. At this point, you probably know that carbon dioxide presents itself as a gas at standard pressure and temperature. However, subcritical or liquid CO2 extraction is actually the fluid state of the gas, taking place around 500psi and present actual liquid CO2 extraction and filtration at subzero temperatures.

Liquid Co2 extraction takes CO2 in its gaseous form and then heightens the pressure and lowers the temperature to change the gaseous CO2 into a liquid that maintains the density and flow of a liquid while at subzero temperatures, breaking off the trichomes and capturing a good percentage of the active compounds that are available within the extraction material. Furthermore, liquid CO2 can be utilized to gently filter extracted material to clear up dark crude extracts, or separate terpenes from crystallized cannabinoids.


Liquid Co2 Extraction or Sub-critical Co2 Extraction is a non flammable and non toxic botanical extraction and filtration method used to produce pure, clean oil for plant based products. Ousia Labs provides certified extraction equipment & components and delivers professional extraction solutions for liquid CO2 extraction & filtration. A comparison between traditional steam essential oil distillation and CO2 essential oil extraction is below. 

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