Ousia Fountain (available for pre-ordering)


Easily extract pure natural flavors and aromas on your kitchen counter-top and infuse for your favorite application.

  • Fits on your kitchen counter
  • Capacity: 2oz
  • Avg Essential Oil Yield: 10%
  • Safe Low-Pressure: <900PSI
  • Power Supply: 120V, 800W, 7amp

    *Estimated ship date 1/1/24.

Available on backorder


  • EXTRACT – safely extract pure natural botanical oils.
  • INFUSE – easily combine ingredients for different applications: tinctures, essential oils, food and beverages, topicals.


Payment Plan Details (Please Read Before Ordering):

You are pre-ordering a product that has not yet been manufactured. We’ve tried to accurately describe it, but we may make changes before it’s delivered. We’ve also tried to accurately estimate the delivery date, but we may be subject to long lead-times for materials and components. If either of those happen, we’ll let you know. You can get a complete refund, including shipping, at any time until the product is shipped. By ordering you agree to our Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and Pre-order Disclaimer.

Payment Plan = 50% Down, Monthly Payments of $37.45 for 1/yr. Once 200 units are pre-sold production begins and units will begin to ship in estimated nine months. 



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