Ready, Set, Extract!

With the help of the Ousia Fountain, the freedom to create is in your hands! Don’t know where to start? Grab our free recipe books below and get extracting!

Food & Drink

With the Ousia Fountain, you can harness pure, unadulterated, natural flavors. Impress your friends and family by enhancing your favorite food and drink dishes.  

Personal Care

Essential oils can help you feel your best! Whether applied to the skin, inhaled, or ingested, extracts from plants can help improve sleep, temper anxiety, and even ease pain.


Enjoy true, pure scents from your favorite botanical ingredients. Make your own perfumes, rollers, candles, or oil blends for infusers. The power is in your hands!


Control exactly what goes into your cosmetic products by making your own. From skincare products to lotions to soaps, the Ousia Fountain can help you do it all!

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