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Lab Grade CO2 Extraction Systems with Preparative Chromatography Capability… 

Model: LBV1

Benchtop – 2oz capacity

Model: BBV1

Small Production – 1LB Capacity

Why CO2 for Extraction and Chromatography?

CO2 chromatography has the combined benefits of a liquid to dissolve the medium matrix and also an inert gas to push material through filters and media. Typically, eluent strength is increased by using a polar co-solvent such as methanol, possibly with a weak acid or base at low concentrations ~1%. The solvent strength of CO2 can be increased by increasing density or using a polar co-solvent, however in doing so the fraction of co-solvent takes over the CO2 as the mobile phase. Co-solvents are typically simple alcohols like methanol, ethanol, or isopropyl alcohol. Especially for food-grade materials, the selected co-solvent should be ethanol or ethyl acetate, both of which are generally recognized as safe for food production.

With the LBV1, anybody can produce a safe, quality, and efficient extract.

1. Safety – CO2 Extraction is one of the safest method of extracting botanical oils from biomass. Furthermore, there are ZERO residual and potentially harmful solvents that end up in the product. The LBV1 is so safe in fact it is equipped with a blow off valve set below the lowest pressure rated fitting and if under the worst case scenario all the CO2 gets let out of the system there is only 867PPM per run which is well below the OSHAA short exposure 30,000PPM limit. Additionally, you would have to run the machine 5x times consecutively with no ventilation to pass the 8hrPPM limit.

2. Quality – Producers and Processors can use the LBV1 to get their quality assurance ahead of production without committing a lot of resources.

3. Efficiency – The LBV1 is a tool that can help anyone produce a more efficient product that is unadulterated and true to its therapeutic nature. The LBV1 technology helps produce clean consistent products.

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